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Nine years ago, I started a contemporary book blog called Books and Authors UK because I loved books and wanted to do something bookish after becoming a mum of two.

Starting my blog put me in the centre of the online book blogging community. There I began connecting with bloggers, authors, and avid readers, some of whom I later met in person at sparkly and exciting book events.

While running the blog, I also pantsed a lot of fiction and attended many writing classes at The City Lit, London, hoping to work on my craft and eventually, one day, publish my work.


Fast forward to November 2017, I released my first short story, The Big Event, in ebook and audiobook format under my Books and Authors Publishing UK imprint. Under this imprint, I self-published eight books in three different formats (that I co-wrote with my then 10-year-old daughter), Bella's Christmas Wonderland Adventure, and Bella's Big Caribbean Adventure, with a spin-off full-colour activity and colouring book.


I am delighted and excited to develop my Books and Authors brand to include other services such as new product lines for an online gift shop I launched in December 2021 and author services soon. Having studied graphic design at the London College of Communication (UCA), I have finally found a place to utilise these skills to create bookish-themed gifts.

Having taken part in a Christmas Black Pound Day market and the more recent Bun and Cheese Easter Market in West London, I have made my products accessible to everyone in the form of an online shop.

As an author, graphic designer, and independent publisher,
I hope you'll find delight in my books, prints, mugs, t-shirts, and cushions coming in 2022!

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Have a great day!