What readers are saying about
The Friendships Online Series.


I have so enjoyed the first two books in this series and jumped at the opportunity to read and review this one. Full to the brim with so much going on, this offers everything you could want in a great read; a good solid storyline, a bit of a mystery, a generous dollop of romance and all wrapped up with plenty of laugh-out-loud humor. So enjoyable! I freely admit I was sorry to read the final page, it is such a feel-good read and one that had me thinking 'you go girl' more than once! Beautifully created, it's an absolute delight to read and completely earns the five red carpet stars which I'm so happy to give.   A fabulous read, and a really fitting third book in this uplifting series! Grace J Reviewer Lady, 5 STARS

A Fun Trilogy:
This is Part 2, I need Part 3! 

The Weekend Spa Break is the second in the Friendships Online trilogy. The Weekend Spa Break picks up where The Big Event Ends. We are with Constance and Estelle and they are having a wonderful spa weekend relaxing and getting to know each other better and discovering how much they actually have in common! And who is this hottie that Constance keeps seeing around and exchanging glances with?
by Jessica Johnson, 4 stars for The Weekend Spa Break.

I enjoyed this first-person POV series, while a women’s fiction tale, there were elements of romance as well as several mysteries that folded in ways
I never saw coming.
by Honolulubelle, 4 stars for 
The Dinner in the Sky.

I took this book away with me on holiday and I devoured it sat by the pool over two days. I really enjoyed the story line and I was pleasantly surprised by how much depth and intrigue Anne has created within the story. I would certainly recommend The Big Event and The Weekend Spa Break to everyone who likes a chick lit read.
Rebekah Louise, 5 stars for The Weekend Spa Break.

The Weekend Spa Break is such a feel-good rom-com style book, it made me laugh, in part, because I also chat online to a lot of authors and often wonder what would happen if we ever met in 'real-life'. 
Lost in a Book Review, 5 stars. 

It is a very relevant series and within a subject that many bloggers, authors, publishers and social media users will find identifiable. This is a series i would definitely recommend to readers of short stories and women’s fiction. I am looking forward to reading the next in the series 
Yvonne Me and My Books, 5 starts for The Weekend Spa Break.

The storyline is really unique. I love Anne John-Ligali’s writing style. It’s written in first person and I think that really brings Constance to life.
I love the cast of friends.
by Jessica Belmont, 4 stars for The Dinner in the Sky.